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Service Items

  • Compilation of annual cost estimate
  • Compilation of annual budget
  • Compilation of annual closing account
  • The safekeeping of accounting documents, accountant books, financial statements and other related files
  • Regular and irregular compilation of financial statements
  • Auditing original certificates and issuing vouchers 
  • The verification of subsidiary expenditures
  • In charge of the closing balance at the end and the opening balance at the beginning of a fiscal year
  • Auditing monthly wages for faculties and staff
  • The annual closing account is examined by the law firm assigned by the Ministry of Education.  Auditing and certification of the closing account by certified public accountants are conducted as well.
  • Examining the procedures of tax deductions and declarations according to the tax law of our country
  • Responsible for the registration affairs of both new students and super seniors
  • In charge of reckoning payments, adding and dropping courses in   summer and winter sessions
  • In charge of reckoning and refunding tuitions for those who apply for leave of absence and dropouts
  • In charge of reckoning, compiling and paying the retirement pension funds by faculties and staff in each semester
  • Purchasing property and fulfilling the tasks of price comparisons, bids, and inspections related to construction and maintenance
  • Examining the disposal of property
  • Regular inventory taking to fit in the property